Sublime Text Plugins

Sublime Text editor contains many add-ons that we can use.

Some of these add-ons are listed below. Package Control, Emmet, Git, Color Picker, Terminal, AutoFile Name, SublimeLinter, and Alignment are some of these add-ons.

1 – Package Control

Package Control is an important add-on for Sublime Text editor. Its purpose is to help download, install, and update other add-ons.

2 – Emmet

Emmet is add-on used for the rapid creation of html and CSS. It increases efficiency by buying us time by making us write less. Emmet can be used for other text editors such as Notepad++ and Eclipse.

3 – Git

We can write and manage Git commands within the text editor with this add-on.

4 – Terminal

When you want to open a terminal in the present working directory, this add-on can be used.

5 – Color Picker

This add-on allows us to pick color.

6 – AutoFile Name

This add-on allows us to complete file names automatically.

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