HTML b tag

  • <b> tag is an HTML tag that allows us to write texts in bold.
  • It is not a very common HTML tag. Instead of this tag, font-weight:bold used in CSS or strong tag can be preferred because these tags also allow writing in bold.

Usage of b tag

In the example below, the difference between b tag and p tag (normal text) is shown. As you can see, b tag makes the text bold.

<b>Bold Text</b>
<p>Normal Text</p>
Bold Text

Normal Text

HTML strong tag

HTML strong tag and font-weight feature of CSS can be used to obtain the same result.

<b>Bold Text - 1</b>
<p style="font-weight:bold">Bold Text - 2</p>

<strong>Bold Text - 3</strong>
Bold Text – 1

Bold Text – 2

Bold Text – 3
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